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On this page, I'd like to fully inform you about the fast access you can expect into my clinical psychology practice, the fees, rebates and the practice's 48 hour notice of 'cancellation/change and fail to attend policy' for all appointments; I hope that this will provide clarity and assist you in your important decision-making about how you seek effective treatment from a competent clinical psychologist for your current difficulties.

Services are provided face to face, or via Telehealth. Please note that Medicare will now also provide for rebates for Telehealth delivered therapy services for those who reside in an eligible rural area (zone 4 and above), and temporarily for all clients until further notice,  and all services (up to ten consults per annum) are eligible for a Medicare rebate as long as you have sent me a valid GP Mental Health Care Plan ("a GP referral") or Psychiatrist referral.


  • Appointments are offered, where available, during business hours and after hours during the week. Saturday appointments may, from time to time, be arranged by negotiation.

  • The anticipated waiting time for your first appointment is almost always within two weeks only.

  • At the time of making an appointment, you are invited to discuss with me bringing your partner, family member or close friend with you to the appointment if this is your special preference


  • Fees are set by the clinic, and are independent of whether or not you are eligible for a rebate;
  • As at 01 July, 2024 Current Fees are as follows - 

         *$ 320.00 for a standard 50 minute consultation

         *$ 270.00 ($50- discount) for Full-time Tertiary Students with a Health Care Card Concession Card         
                  (Note: presentation of an appropriate form of documentation is required for discount fees). 

         *$ 510.00 for a standard 80 minute consultation

PLEASE NOTE: $ 80.00 loading (on a 50 minute consult) and & $ 130.00 loadings (on a 80 minute consult) for Saturday appointments

  • Fees are payable by the day  of consultation and may be made by VISA, Mastercard and EFTPOS on the EASYCLAIM EFTPOS machine, or internet transfer made prior to consultation with evidence of payment provided.

  • If claiming a Medicare Rebate, this can be immediately deposited back into your Cheque or Savings Account using the EasyClaim EFTPOS facility or through your own 'Express Medicare' App or Medicare Australia ('Services Australia') website.


  • You do not need a referral to receive a Clinical Psychology consultation; however Medicare and some private health funds will require that you have been referred by a General Practitioner (via a 'Mental Health Care Plan') or Psychiatrist in order to be eligible to receive rebates; 
  • Please note that Medicare does not issue rebates for cancellation/late change/fail to attend fees.

  • From Jul 01, 2024 the Medicare Rebate for a Clinical Psychology Consultation, to a maximum of ten sessions a year is:
         - $ 141.85 for a standard minimum 50 minute client consultation or longer, and/or
         - $ 141.85 for a standard minimum 50 minute family or carer consultation or longer, and/or  
         - $ 36.00 for up to 10 group-based therapy consultations within a calendar year


  • The consultation cancellation fees are as follows, and payable by the day of consult:
         * 0–48 hours notice: Full fee
         * more than 48 hours notice: No fee
  • Please note that a cancellation may not be given via text messaging, since the telecommunications companies advise that there is no guarantee for the delivery of a text message

  • Please be aware that, by accepting an appointment booking, you provide your agreement with the terms and conditions of the 'Cancellation/Change and Fail to Attend Policy'

Please note that, in exceptional circumstances, where a parent is paying for their adult child's consultation, ​payment will be required no less than 48 hours prior to the consultation.

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